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The Gateway's 2016 tour brochure is now available here, online. To see the brochure, click here. Our tour on 18 June is part of New York State's Path Through History Weekend. Click on the logo below to see the full schedule of those events.

Path Through History 2016

At long last, it is possible to make a financial donation to the Gateway right here, online. Just click on the red Donate menu item to your left. It's quick and easy, and the overwhelming majority of such donations are tax deductible. It's those donations that provide us with the capacity to do the things that we do, so do please be as generous as you can. Without you, we can do nothing. Thanks very much.

Did you know that President Eisenhower owned a rototiller made in Troy? Rototiller collector, restorer, and historian extraordinaire Charlie Zuck has recently published a fine article about it. The folks at Lawn & Garden Tractor Magazine were kind enough to give us permission to post a copy here for you to read, and Charlie has also kindly let us reproduce it here. So click here to download a pdf of Charlie Zuck's "The Eisenhower Rototiller." Thanks, Charlie.

Installation of our nationally-significant lighting system is now complete. For a description and a slide show, go to our Lighting Page.

As you may have noticed, the new Gateway site at this point is still very much in development, but we've decided to make it public now so you can try it out. Only some of the features are working at the moment, but we'll be adding new content on a regular basis from now on. Do please let us know what you think of it.

Until this site is complete, we'll keep the old site online as well, so you can visit that to find your old favorites there. Eventually, we'll be moving all that content over to this new site. But in the meantime, click here for the Classic Version of the Gateway Site.